For Press Purposes here are some photos for our upcoming tour of Franz Ferdinand Must Die. Images will be updated as the tour continues.

Writer and Performer Adam Bailey, Photo by Hugh Probyn
Franz Ferdinand Adam Bailey and Gavrilo Princip
From Left to Right: Franz Ferdinand, Adam Bailey and Gavrilo Princip. Photograph by Hugh Probyn and Public Domain

FF Must Die

Franz Ferdinand Must Die branding image created by Adam Bailey

Gavrilo Princip
Gavrilo Princip, Photograph is Public Domain
ARCHDUKE FRANZ FERDINAND OF AUSTRIA (1863-1914) in early 1914 wearing an identical uniform to the one wearing when he was assissinated. Image shot 1914. Exact date unknown.
Franz Ferdinand, Photograph is Public Domain
The Arrest of Gavrilo Princip, Photograph is Public Domain