WTF is Adult Baby Cupid?

From the company that brought you The Assassination of Robert Ford and one of the creators responsible for The Enchanted Crackhouse comes a love advice show… featuring a giant singing baby!?!

written by Kristin Mueller-Heaslip and Adam Bailey

Adult Baby Cupid was first performed at The Lunacy Cabaret in Toronto, where he gleefully announced that he wants you to fall in love, so you can have sex, so you can have a baby… like him!

The 2000 year old god might just have one or two antiquated notions about love, but that hasn’t stopped audiences from loving him! He has made several return visits to Lunacy, falling in love with a goat (who was not named Silvia) and helping multiple women go into labour. He has regularly hosted the Red Nose District at the Toronto Festival of Clowns. And now he makes his first appearance in a Fringe Festival Production, in Toronto and Hamilton!

Joined by Kristin Mueller-Heaslip, one of the creators of The Enchanted Crackhouse and an Eckhardt-Grammate winning singerthey try their best to give advice to your most pressing questions about love and relationships in 2018.

The ABCs of Love with Adult baby Cupid may not be the comedy you asked for, but it is certainly the comedy you deserve.

For Tickets in Toronto Click Here.

For Hamilton Click Here.

Photos below are usable with credit given to Paul FeeGunn.


ABCs of Love, Adam Bailey as Adult Baby Cupid, pic by Fee Gunn

ABCs of Love2, Adam Bailey as Adult Baby Cupid, pic by Fee Gunn


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